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Video is not running in Internet Explorer 11 or Edge browser

Hi My uploaded video is working fine in chrome and Firefox . But it is not working in edge, Internet Explorer 11, safari. Is there a browser problem or any mistake in code level. My template code is:

<video id="video" preload="true" poster="../../../img/transparent_vdo.png" autoplay loop muted>
    <source src="<perch:content id="video_backgraund" type="file" label="Full version video path" />" type="video/mp4" />
Damian McCracken

Damian McCracken 0 points

  • 3 years ago

What does the outputted HTML look like? On the face of it I think what you have should work

No, the output not like the HTML.

As in how does it look on your page, if you view the source?

Ben Furfie

Ben Furfie 3 points
Registered Developer

I haven't checked, but I seem to remember some browsers don't play certain video formats out of the box. So just like you need several different types of fonts for each browser, .mp4s might not work on IE and Safari.

Ben's right. You will need to provide the video in multiple formats for cross browser compatibility. I think mv4 will work in IE 11. You can check for features here.

It's a pain and why I tend to embed vimeo/youtube for video as they do it all for you.

Thank you all for the help.