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Allowing Members to submit a form (But only once)

In my members dashboard area. I want my members to have access to various forms. If a user has already completed a specific form but then they go back to the page that contains the form that they've already completed at a later date - I want there to be a message there explaining that they've already completed this form and don't need to submit it again - Ideally this form will no longer be visible to them also - so that they simply cannot fill in the same form twice.

Is this possible within Members/Forms.

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions on how I could do this?

Richy Thomas

Richy Thomas 0 points

  • 3 years ago

Hi Richy,

You could do this with member tags - in the Members app under Forms, you can apply tags to a member when they submit that form. Then you could check for that tag as a conditional for displaying the form, something like this:

if (perch_member_has_tag('completed')) {
  ...your message explaining the form has already been completed
else {
  ...your form