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Open a link in new browser window

I have added a link to a page in a subdirectory on my site. It now appears in the Menu with the correct link to the subdirectory.

I did this by adding a subpage to the menu section directory in Perch admin and adding the link in the "File Name" field.

Is there a way to make this link open in a new window? Basically its a microsite within the main site with different navigation.

Nigel Coath

Nigel Coath 1 points

  • 1 year ago

Dont know if this is correct but adding the link in the admin "File Name" field as:

/my-page-link" target="_blank" - seemed to work.

Seems adding the " after the link and not before seems to fool Perch into creating a link that is www.mysite.com/my-page-link" target="_blank"

Does this sound okay or is it a hack that will bugger things up?