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Different input types for product variants

Hi, just a quick question about listing product variants.

I have an option that requires radio buttons and another that requires a check box.

Here's the relevant section of the template

<perch:if exists="has_variants">
        <p class="divider"><strong><perch:productopt id="title" /></strong></p>
          <perch:before><ul class="variantList"></perch:before>
                <perch:input env-autofill="false" id="options" name="opt-<perch:productvalue id="optionID" />[]"
                  value="<perch:productvalue id="valueID" />" type="radio" required="required" />
                <perch:productvalue id="valueTitle" /> 

Just after some advice on displaying the two variants separatly so that I can specify a checkbox for the second rather than radio?


Simon Russell

Simon Russell 0 points

  • 1 year ago
Hussein Al Hammad

Hussein Al Hammad 105 points
Registered Developer

Hello Simon,

so that I can specify a checkbox for the second rather than radio?

Instead of relying on the order of the options I would test against the option title.

So I would use one input type as the default for all options, and use perch:if to conditionally use a different input type based on the option title.

    <perch:if id="title" value="Colour">
        <!--* radio input *-->
        <!--* default input *-->

Awesome Hussein!

Thanks heaps for that very clean solution!