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Perch Shop Categories Admin Input Field as Checkboxes?

When adding a product in Perch Shop, there is a blank field for Categories. Should this field be suggesting categories to the user? Or is it a plain text input.

If its the latter, does it require the user to type in the categories name exactly, every time?

Is there a better way of showing categories, say with checkboxes instead?

Tony Astley

Tony Astley 0 points

  • 2 months ago

Hello Tony,

If you add some Categories to your Products Category Set, they should appear in the field.

Brilliant, the whole categories and sets terminology is confusing to begin with.

From the docs:

Categories live in a Set. If you want to categorize things by colour, you would create a set named “Colour” and then add categories (red, green, blue etc) to that set.

I think the terminology is descriptive and makes sense ¯_(ツ)_/¯

As long as you know what they mean now, you should be fine.