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Saving new blog entries not working after upgrade to 2.8 - anyone else having th...


I upgraded a local MAMP Perch site to 2.8 from the previous version. I can get into the Blog admin, but when I resave a changed blog post or create a new one, the screen goes to white in the admin when I click save. Checking the site, the changes aren't saved. This is with the existing Blog app - no use of blocks or repeaters. Saving content in non-Blog areas of the site functions normally.

Below is the debug message from the blog post UI. Nothing shows up on the blog post in the web browser at all. Below that is the Diagnostics Report.


Debug Message SELECT u.*, r.* FROM perch2_users u, perch2_user_roles r WHERE u.roleID=r.roleID AND u.userEnabled=1 AND u.userID=1 AND u.userHash='e08be5745c267ae350e4346a482a3a02' LIMIT 1 UPDATE perch2_users SET userHash='cb6e1da8c45ed14f0365de08bd08c999' WHERE userID=1 SELECT p.privKey FROM perch2_user_privileges p SELECT * FROM (SELECT DISTINCT settingID, settingValue FROM perch2_settings WHERE userID=1 OR userID=0 ORDER BY userID DESC) AS settings GROUP BY settingID SELECT * FROM perch2_blog_authors WHERE authorEmail='franz@copyanddesign.com' LIMIT 1 SELECT * FROM perch2_blog_sections ORDER BY sectionTitle ASC SELECT * FROM perch2_blog_posts WHERE postID=6 Using template: /templates/blog/post.html SELECT COUNT(*) FROM perch2_blog_comments WHERE commentStatus='PENDING' Adding: Keep this to one short sentence. Adding: Post your video's embed code from YouTube. On the YouTube video page, choose Share, then Embed. Click Show More and make sure to uncheck the option for showing suggested videos and showing video title. SELECT * FROM perch2_categories c, perch2_category_sets s WHERE c.setID=s.setID AND s.setSlug='blog' ORDER BY catTreePosition ASC Adding: Adding: Check this box to feature this post on the LEARN landing page. SELECT * FROM perch2_blog_authors ORDER BY authorFamilyName, authorGivenName ASC Queries: 11 Memory: 4.1331

Diagnostics report PERCH INFORMATION

Perch: 2.8 Production mode: Production (100) Installed apps: content (2.8), assets (2.8), categories (2.8), perch_blog (4.5.4), perch_forms (1.8.2) DB driver: PDO DB tables: perch2_blog_authors, perch2_blog_comments, perch2_blog_index, perch2_blog_posts, perch2_blog_posts_to_tags, perch2_blog_sections, perch2_blog_tags, perch2_categories, perch2_category_counts, perch2_category_sets, perch2_content_index, perch2_content_items, perch2_content_regions, perch2_forms, perch2_forms_responses, perch2_navigation, perch2_navigation_pages, perch2_page_templates, perch2_pages, perch2_resource_log, perch2_resource_tags, perch2_resources, perch2_resources_to_tags, perch2_settings, perch2_user_privileges, perch2_user_role_privileges, perch2_user_roles, perch2_users Users: 1 App runtimes: <?php $apps_list = array( 'content', 'categories', 'perch_forms', 'perch_blog', ); Scheduled tasks for perch_blog: delete_spam_comments (1440 mins) Editor plug-ins: markitup, redactor H1: 440db31b6c51ed2e7d1c444e7696ba35 L1: 3c9d2f3042bca0204e1bb98d39182d84 headerColour: #ffffff content_singlePageEdit: 1 helpURL: siteURL: / hideBranding: 1 content_collapseList: 0 lang: en-gb update_2.7.9: done latest_version: 2.7.10 on_sale_version: 2.8 headerScheme: light content_hideNonEditableRegions: 1 content_frontend_edit: 1 dashboard: 0 hide_pwd_reset: 0 logoPath: /perch/resources/Kellogg-branded-Perch-logo3.png perch_blog_update: 5.0 perch_blog_post_url: /learn/{postSlug} perch_blog_slug_format: %Y-%m-%d-{postTitle} perch_blog_akismet_key: 707a118cf478 perch_blog_max_spam_days: 7 perch_blog_comment_notify: 0 update_2.8: done PERCH_DEVELOPMENT: 10 PERCH_STAGING: 50 PERCH_PRODUCTION: 100 PERCH_DB_USERNAME: root PERCH_DB_SERVER: localhost PERCH_DB_DATABASE: kellogg-perch PERCH_DB_PREFIX: perch2_ PERCH_TZ: America/Los_Angeles PERCH_EMAIL_FROM: franz@copyanddesign.com PERCH_EMAIL_FROM_NAME: Franz Neumann PERCH_LOGINPATH: /perch PERCH_PATH: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/dev-kellogggardenperch.com/perch PERCH_CORE: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/dev-kellogggardenperch.com/perch/core PERCH_RESFILEPATH: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/dev-kellogggardenperch.com/perch/resources PERCH_RESPATH: /perch/resources PERCH_HTML5: 1 PERCH_DEBUG: 1 PERCH_RUNWAY: PERCH_ERROR_MODE: DIE PERCH_DATE_LONG: %d %B %Y PERCH_DATE_SHORT: %d %b %Y PERCH_TIME_SHORT: %H:%M PERCH_TIME_LONG: %H:%M:%S PERCH_PREVIEW_ARG: preview PERCH_TEMPLATE_PATH: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/dev-kellogggardenperch.com/perch/templates PERCH_DEFAULT_DOC: index.php PERCH_DEFAULT_EXT: .php PERCH_PRODUCTION_MODE: 100 PERCH_RWD: PERCH_HTML_ENTITIES: PERCH_SSL: PERCH_STRIPSLASHES: PERCH_PROGRESSIVE_FLUSH: 1 PERCH_AUTH_PLUGIN: PERCH_DB_CHARSET: utf8 PERCH_DB_PORT: PERCH_DB_SOCKET: HOSTING SETTINGS

PHP: 5.4.34 Zend: 2.4.0 OS: Darwin SAPI: cgi-fcgi Safe mode: not detected MySQL client: 5.5.38 MySQL server: 5.5.38 Extensions: Core, date, ereg, libxml, openssl, pcre, sqlite3, zlib, bcmath, bz2, calendar, ctype, curl, dom, hash, fileinfo, filter, ftp, gd, SPL, iconv, intl, json, ldap, mbstring, mysql, mysqli, session, PDO, pdo_sqlite, standard, posix, Reflection, Phar, SimpleXML, soap, sockets, exif, tokenizer, wddx, xml, xmlreader, xmlwriter, xsl, zip, cgi-fcgi, imap, gettext, mcrypt, yaz, pgsql, pdo_pgsql, pdo_mysql GD: Yes ImageMagick: No PHP max upload size: 32M PHP max form post size: 32M PHP memory limit: 128M Total max uploadable file size: 32M Resource folder writeable: Yes Session timeout: 24 minutes Native JSON: Yes Filter functions: Yes Transliteration functions: Yes PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN: 4 PWD: /Applications/MAMP/fcgi-bin PHP_FCGI_MAX_REQUESTS: 200 __CF_USER_TEXT_ENCODING: 0x46:0:0 ORIG_SCRIPT_NAME: /fcgi-bin/php5.4.34.fcgi ORIG_PATH_TRANSLATED: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/dev-kellogggardenperch.com/perch/core/settings/diagnostics/index.php ORIG_PATH_INFO: /perch/core/settings/diagnostics/index.php ORIG_SCRIPT_FILENAME: /Applications/MAMP/fcgi-bin/php5.4.34.fcgi SCRIPT_NAME: /perch/core/settings/diagnostics/index.php REQUEST_URI: /perch/core/settings/diagnostics/?extended QUERY_STRING: extended REQUEST_METHOD: GET SERVER_PROTOCOL: HTTP/1.1 GATEWAY_INTERFACE: CGI/1.1 REDIRECT_URL: /perch/core/settings/diagnostics/index.php REDIRECT_QUERY_STRING: extended REMOTE_PORT: 50064 SCRIPT_FILENAME: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/dev-kellogggardenperch.com/perch/core/settings/diagnostics/index.php SERVER_ADMIN: you@example.com DOCUMENT_ROOT: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/dev-kellogggardenperch.com REMOTE_ADDR: SERVER_PORT: 80 SERVER_ADDR: SERVER_NAME: dev-kellogggardenperch.com SERVER_SOFTWARE: Apache PATH: /usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin HTTP_DNT: 1 HTTP_REFERER: http://dev-kellogggardenperch.com/perch/core/settings/diagnostics/ HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE: en-us HTTP_USER_AGENT: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_2) AppleWebKit/600.3.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/8.0.3 Safari/600.3.18 HTTP_ACCEPT: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,/;q=0.8 HTTP_CONNECTION: keep-alive HTTP_COOKIE: cmsa=1; PHPSESSID=f3a4376f8def26caa0f143b88446a7bd HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING: gzip, deflate HTTP_HOST: dev-kellogggardenperch.com REDIRECT_STATUS: 200 REDIRECT_HANDLER: php-fastcgi FCGI_ROLE: RESPONDER PHP_SELF: /perch/core/settings/diagnostics/index.php REQUEST_TIME_FLOAT: 1425338764.84 REQUEST_TIME: 1425338764 argc: 1

Debug Message SELECT u.*, r.* FROM perch2_users u, perch2_user_roles r WHERE u.roleID=r.roleID AND u.userEnabled=1 AND u.userID=1 AND u.userHash='1dfd5949861903d95e15bd3197a4f239' LIMIT 1 UPDATE perch2_users SET userHash='3a160800ddec0f0ad73c8bec99285540' WHERE userID=1 SELECT p.privKey FROM perch2_user_privileges p SELECT * FROM (SELECT DISTINCT settingID, settingValue FROM perch2_settings WHERE userID=1 OR userID=0 ORDER BY userID DESC) AS settings GROUP BY settingID SHOW TABLES SELECT COUNT(*) FROM perch2_users SELECT DISTINCT settingID, settingValue FROM perch2_settings WHERE userID=0 Queries: 8 Memory: 2.0457

Franz Neumann

Franz Neumann 0 points

  • 4 years ago
Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew 394 points
Perch Support

Does the problem still exist after updating the Blog App to the latest version? That would be the first thing to try.

That fixed it. I hadn't realized there was a new version of the blog app.

Though it may make the diagnostics page a little long, it'd be great if apps were listed under Health Check (with the green checkmarks). I know they're listed under the summary information, but that doesn't list whether they're outdated.


Just adding to this, I have a customer also having a problem. Perch is at 2.8 (not yet 2.8.1) and Blog App is still at 4.5.4. When trying to add a new blog post, we get this error (and its re-creatable).

Fatal error: Call to a member function return_instance() on a non-object in /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/perch/core/lib/api/PerchAPI_Form.class.php on line 407

Before I update Perch to 2.8.1 and Blog to 4.6, do you want any diagnostics?

Maybe its a prerequisite to update Blog to 4.6 if Perch has been updated to 2.8? I don't think it says this anywhere. I also didn't spot that the Blog App level had been increased. I'd echo Franz's request for Apps to be in the Health Check sometime.


Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew 394 points
Perch Support

Yes you need to update blog when updating Perch, the news listing is the place to look to see if official apps have been updated.


I agree, apps in the health check would be handy.