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Thread tagged as: Installation, Configuration

Local install wants public license key

Hi I have downloaded perch and installed it on my local XAMPP server. I selected local testing and all tests have passed. When I log-in I have the error "Sorry, your license key isn't valid for this domain. This license key is for local testing only, so can only be used on a non-public domain." The log-in form is showing "Licensed for local testing" Having looked at a closed thread on the forum with the same issue, I have tried 3 different URL's for the virtual host. The current one is: http://local.4001-dev1.minting Any ideas?

Colin Rood

Colin Rood 0 points

  • 2 years ago
Duncan Revell

Duncan Revell 78 points
Registered Developer

.minting isn't being recognised as a local domain - it needs to be .dev or .loc or .local or .example or some other 'not local' domains.

Hi Duncan

I did try .dev from your reply to the closed thread but I ran into another but related problem, so I tried .minting.

When .dev was used, Firefox (and Chrome) tried to redirect me to https with a " This site uses HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)" error. before reaching the site.

After much searching for answers I found this post on stackoverflow.


I am currently using .test which is working for now. Problem solved Thanks.