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Forms submitting to same part of form list


I have a few forms on a site, and when submitting them they submit into admin under the same form listing.

So for example, under the forms app and 'Forms Listings' I have the forms: 'Contact' and 'booking'.

When creating a new form under a different page of the site and submitting it, I want it to appear a new form under 'Form Listings' called 'Enquiries' but instead the new form submission appears under 'contact' mingled with other form submissions. Is there a way to control where new forms submit to in this list?

Apologies if this is within the documentation, but I cannot find it.


Wayne Hooper

Wayne Hooper 6 points

  • 3 years ago

Change the form ID. Don't reuse forms.

Thank you - I tried this earlier, but realise I didn't re-save the form so it didn't refresh. Thanks for you help

Awesome, forms are some of the hardest templates to reuse so it's just best to create new forms for most purposes