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Thread tagged as: Problem

Layout bug on Blog overview screen in Perch 3.1

I updated to Perch 3.1 and, on the blog overview screen, I'm seeing some layout bugs. At the top, above the list of posts, are unstyled bullet points:

• Add/Edit • Comments0 • Authors • Sections

Below "Listing Posts" something has gone awry with the two tabs. The icons aren't visible and all the options which used to be under "By Category" are visible.

Franz Neumann

Franz Neumann 0 points

  • 1 year ago
Hussein Al Hammad

Hussein Al Hammad 105 points
Registered Developer

Hello Franz,

It sounds like you're using an old version that was made for Perch 2. Try updating the Blog app to the latest version.

That did it! Thanks Hussein. I went from Blog 5.0 to the latest and that cleared up the layout issues.