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Thread tagged as: Problem

Detail page not listed in search results


In a 2 page list/detail setup, I'm finding that search will display a link and excerpt to the list page, but nothing for the detail page even though the same search phrase can be found in the content of that page. Any clue why that would be?

My code:

<?php $query = perch_get('q'); // 'q' query string argument e.g. search.php?q=apples perch_content_search($query, array( 'count'=>50, 'excerpt-chars'=>200, )); ?>

Franz Neumann

Franz Neumann 0 points

  • 2 years ago
Simon Clay

Simon Clay 127 points

Hi Franz

In the Region Options, have you added in the 'URL for single items'?

Ah! Completely forgot about that. Thanks Simon!

Note to Drew: The help text for the 'URL for single items' points one to an explanation in the sidebar--which doesn't exist in Perch 3.