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Roles and Permissions for Forms

A client has asked that one user has only access to the forms within Perch (not to delete or edit though, just get to the submitted data), which is fine as I can setup a role in Perch to achieve this however, if I only allow 'Access to forms' the user doesn't get access to the CSV download which is what that user needs access to. The CSV download only appears if I allow 'Configure Forms'? Is there a reason the CSV download option is excluded for a user who has 'Access to forms'?

Neil Duddridge

Neil Duddridge [ 1 points ]

  • 1 week ago
Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan [ 2176 points ]
Perch Support

There's not a particular reason, no, that's just the way it's been set up and no one has asked for anything different.

I'll log it.

Neil Duddridge

Neil Duddridge [ 1 points ]

Thanks Drew.

Sods law it's the one thing the client needs from the form submissions as they will use the CSV to import into a 3rd party system. The alternative is to write a script to connect to the database directly, convert JSON to CSV and download which is a bit like using a hammer to crack a nut :)