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Suggestion for BLOCKS

After using blocks for the first time, I have to say how useful this new feature is. Thanks :-)

One thing which I feel may take this feature more user-friendly would be the option to Expand / Collapse the 'Blocks' so that on pages with multiple 'blocks' the user can see the whole list of 'blocks' on the page without scrolling down though them.

For example. On the latest website I am building I have Blocks with Image Repeaters and Text Blocks. These take up a lot of screen space (especially the image repeater). To someone not too familiar with Perch's layout this may look like one long page of field inputs, rather than multiple blocks. It is also very awkward to 'drag and drop' reorder the blocks when some are so large.

Having the ability to collapse these to just the block's divider would show the user the name of the blocks being used and can then open the block(s) they wish to edit. Also reordering the blocks would be easier.

James Tedder

James Tedder 0 points

  • 4 years ago
Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

Thanks, we'll give it some thought.

Hear hear.

I second this request from James. My blocks form screens on the site I am currently working on are getting huge. Reordering large blocks is nigh on impossible.

Loving the Blocks feature though!


+1 for this... I literally just came to the suggestions forum to suggest this! :p

Great idea!

+1 for this too.

+1 for this, sounds great to me. I am working on a similar implementation to James with repeaters inside blocks so am ending up with a very long editing page.


+1 for this too.

Nice idea!

I've just been using blocks and completely agree. It makes a huge amount of sense to allow block area to be collapsible in the CMS, possible even expanding this to the areas section up by the divider options set in the templates.

It would make the user experience much, much better.

PLEEEEAASSSSE - I really hope this feature is in the next update - I have some blocks which are far too 'screen dominating' when stacked up :-/

+1 pages with lots of modules are becoming confusing on a regular basis. Would be a lot of help if sections between dividers would be collapsible. Not too much work for you guys I suppose.

@Jochen - This is now available in Perch 3 :)

I see. Nice! Is there a way to set the collapsed state as default?

I would like to know as well...