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Thread tagged as: Showcase

Naples Total Garage

I really like this Perch project. Let me know your thoughts. Here are some notes

  • Fully Responsive built on Boilerplate layout
  • CSS grid with a Flexbox fall back (Thanks Rachel for all of your tutorials and work with Grid Layout)
  • Animation is based on Hint.css, Animate.css, AOS and T-Scroll Libraries
  • Miscellaneous - JSON schema used and non-jpg images are almost all SVG based.
  • All pages W3C Compliant (at least they were the last time I checked. Hopefully my client hasn't changed anything :-) )
  • Average load speed on US servers is less than 1.5 seconds for all pages most load in about a second. Per GTMetrix.


Matt Holovach

Matt Holovach 0 points

  • 2 years ago

Good stuff. I'll add it to the next issue of Perchology https://perchology.curated.co

Thanks Clive I appreciate it. Also you should check out the portfolio pages & the testimonial page. Those are my favorite pages because based on the screen size they go from 4 across in larger environments, 3 across for smaller laptop/ tablet then to 2 for mobile. Also the gallery pages are sometimes close to 5MB in page size and they are all loading in around 1.5 seconds.

I'm also really digging the new CSS grid layout spec the only downside is doing the fallback stuff. I really like not having to rely on bootstrap or foundation to do responsive and if I didn't have to have to write fallbacks my coding would be so much faster.