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Safety Jogger Bestrun S3 boots for work

Safety Jogger Bestrun S3 protective shoes imported genuine from Belgium, multi-function protection combines modern sporty style, https://workwearmag.com/boots, suitable for use in industrial or traveling environments.

Application of the Safety Jogger Bestrun S3 protective shoes

  • Anti-nail, waterproof, anti-slip, anti-oil, chemical, anti-stamping, anti-shock, anti-static
  • Suitable for use in construction sites, factories, mechanical workshops, mines, drilling rigs, industrial parks, traveling.

Safety Jogger Bestrun S3 boots features

Maximum protection of feet according to CE S3, JIS (Japan), AS / NZS2210.3 (Australia), ASTM (USA), GOST-R (Russia), ANSI Z41-1999 (Philippines) standards.

  • The real leather outer shell with PU coating increases the durability of the product.
  • The inner lining of the shoe is made from Cambrelle yarn, giving the product a cleaner design.
  • E.V.A pads are supple and soft, making them comfortable to use.
  • High damping system, anti-slip base.

Note during the use of Safety Jogger Bestrun S3 protective boots

  • Do not use high heat to dry shoes.
  • When shoes are wet, they can be dried by crushing newspapers and stuffing them inside shoes, drying shoes in the shade.
  • It is recommended to change shoes when: the embossed details on the sole are worn out (affecting the slip resistance); after stepping on the nail or the outer skin is torn (insulation affects).

With its advantages, Safety Jogger Bestrun S3 work boots are the first choice of users when looking to buy workwear. Order today or check out other Safety Jogger work shoes. Read more on our social: https://twitter.com/workwearmag https://www.pinterest.com/workwearmag/

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