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Thread tagged as: Showcase, Gallery, Shop

New Perch website

Just converted this site from Wordpress to Perch using the gallery and shop apps.

Chris Pritchard

Chris Pritchard 1 points

  • 3 years ago

P K 0 points

Good stuff, nicely presented.

I'm currently wrestling with checkout myself, and your site reminds me of one small tip if I may. The new customer is faced with a wall of form fields, with no advice about whether both billing and shipping address are needed, and no "same as billing" checkbox to auto-populate the shipping address. I ended up removing one of the address forms completely on my site build, as I can't think of any reason I would need more than one physical address from a customer. "Billing" sounds like something from the olden days!

One more thing.. there's a bit of sluggishness about your site. Clicking from page to page is quite sluggish. Could be a number of reasons, but glancing at your source I notice "/js/app.js" included on every page. This is a massive JS file! Not sure if it's causing the slow page loads, but if a JS file is ever 2 MB, something is not right.