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Chestnuts Day Nursery - Branding, design and build

I have recently been working with a local children's nursery group to evolve their brand. Majority of the work included a revamped visual identity and a fresh new digital presence.

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Marc Sanders

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  • 1 week ago

Beautiful website! Feels very polished and the branding is fantastic! I'm curious, for the fixed nav that hides on scroll down and re-appears on scroll up, did you use a particular plugin for that or roll your own?

Thanks for the comments Shane. I used a plug-in called headroom.

Nice, thanks!

Marc, that's a lovely piece of work. The branding is delightful and the whole site feels really polished.

Cheers John, appreciated!

Hussein Al Hammad

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Looks great. Nicely done, Marc!

That's rather lovely. Good work!

Thank you both, has been a great project to work on