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Perch Assets Issues

I'm a big fan of Perch and always recommend it to my clients. I'm having a few issues with the new Assets functionality though.

When I upload an image (in a region) the image uploads successfully, but then the upload area disappears and the image thumbnails don't refresh, so I can't select the image I just uploaded. My work around is currently to toggle the "View" and the newly uploaded image usually shows up. At the moment, it's more difficult to upload a picture than it had been before. Is all working as it should, or have I hit on a bug?

One image I've uploaded gets rotated through 90 degrees on upload, and I can't really see why it should.

Lastly, I normally develop with the full sidebar open, and when the Assets pop-out appears, the sidebar collapses to the thin version, and the "X" logout button looks to me at least as if it will make the Assets pop-out disappear. That's what I did to try it the first time. (Personally I'm not a huge fan of the whole UI-sliding-over-to-the-left, but I know that's partly a personal preference).

Also, on the assets page, the text isn't that readable over portrait images that are a similar colour, unless I hover.

Is there a way to delete an Asset? I guess un-used assets are cleaned up in time, but I would quite like to remove an asset before now.

Paul Bell

Paul Bell 0 points

  • 5 years ago

I'm experiencing the same issue with my new assets thumbs not showing up when editing a region. I've also had issues with the "Add Asset" button missing. The only option I have is "Select Asset."

Yes, actually, Ryan - I did have that issue as well with only "Select Asset" appearing, but it seems to be intermittent. I now see the button showing up, but initially it didn't. Can't quite work out why.

The sliding UI thing is really causing me issues at the moment - I'm trying to replace some images with higher-res alternatives, and when the assets panel appears, I can no longer see the image I'm trying to replace. This might be something I get used to, but I'm struggling with it at the moment.

If you toggle to the list view it shows the image dimensions as well as the most recent uploaded image at the top. This might help you figure out which is the correct image you are trying to use.

Ideally, it would be great if when adding images to a region it functioned like it did before, but with an option to use the "Assets" management only if needed.

Yes, Ryan, that is neat. It's helpful that most recent items show up first, so that helps me in this instance (once the newly uploaded image appears.

To me, the Toggle icon feels funny though - I click on an icon of a "list" if I'm in list view, and it changes to thumbnails, and vice versa. So when I click on the icon, it turns into the view that DOESN'T correspond to the icon I clicked. It would be clearer, in my view, if both icons showed, but the selected one was higher contrast. I know it's part of the "View" button, but it has confused me a bit.

One other UI suggestion - the search form on the "Assets" tab doesn't really look like a form input, and the magnifying glass doesn't look like a search button. I was clicking the magnifying glass icon thinking it would reveal a modal for search, but it didn't. It was only when I clicked the word "search" and it turned white that I realised what was going on.

(Sorry for all the suggestions, Drew and Rachel - Perch is a great product, not wanting to be over-critical). Hope some of the suggestions are helpful.

Another strange thing - I can't scroll the list of files (Latest version of Safari). If I'm in thumbnails view of some assets (on a region edit page) then I can scroll it using the trackpad. But if I'm in files view, the main page scrolls, and the side panel doesn't.

Also, the "Save/Save add another" buttons are disappearing too soon when I scroll. They are there in an overlay when I first visit the page, but then they disappear and I have to scroll right to the bottom of the page to see them.

On the "Add asset" button not appearing, it tends to be the first time I visit a region (first time today, not first time ever). If I hit refresh on the page, the button is there.

On the subject of the image being rotated 90 degrees when uploaded, I opened and re-saved the file in Photoshop, and it then uploaded no problem, so was perhaps an issue with the image the client supplied.

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

I suspect the '90 degree' problem is that your computer may be auto correcting the photo orientation for the preview based on the camera's EXIF data. The file is still the wrong way up.

EXIF processing is possible in PHP, but the library isn't commonly available, so it's not something Perch does yet. We hope to add that in the future, but it's lower priority as most people won't benefit from it.

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

Give 2.5.4 a try and see if that fixes those issues you were seeing. http://grabaperch.com/update/

Thanks, Drew - will do.