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Thread tagged as: Members

Questions for people using the Members App

I have a site currently protected with 'htaccess' and containing 3800 members. I'm wondering if the 'Members' App is something we can consider moving to in the coming months, so the admin of this is easier. Allowing people to get a new password, handling forgotten passwords, change their email address and so on.

But I'm also wondering if our needs are too much for this App - so hence the questions to anyone using it in a major way ...

  • Can it cope with around 4000 members and growing?
  • I can't see a way of searching members (to make changes for people, or delete them) in Perch Admin? Is there?
  • Is there a way of importing from an htaccess 'passwd' file?
  • Is there a way of importing members from a CSV file, so that the email address is there too?
  • Can you change templates to hide the 'public' registration page (direct it to the 'pay for membership' page) as members will still be set up manually. No self-registration.
Graham Street

Graham Street 17 points

  • 5 years ago