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How to categorize posts in blog

I am trying to categorize the posts that are being made using the blog app . Below is what I'm trying to achieve

  1. The user who writes the blog needs to choose the category of the post hes about to make . - How do i fetch this information ?
  2. Use the same as a filter to display the posts under that category in a particular part of the page . - I understood this using ( perch_blog_custom ) and passing the filter parameters .

I read through the documentation of perch_blog_categories & category . Unfortunately they only show how to output the data .

1 . How do i take the input from user . 2 . How do i create categories ?

Titus Saju

Titus Saju 0 points

  • 2 years ago

Can somebody help me out here ?

Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew 394 points
Perch Support

The default blog template includes categories. I would suggest using that as an example. It's detailed in the video as well here https://docs.grabaperch.com/video/v3/blog-detail-page/

2 . How do i create categories ?

There should be a default category set called Blog in Perch admin. Add new categories to that.