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Translations in content templates

I have a client who has decided to upgrade his site to be in other languages. It was never planned this way and there are hard-coded values within content / category / layout templates which need updating. For example a form field in the current English version would need HOUSE NUMBER translating along with the error message.

<div class="form-group">
                <perch:label for="house">HOUSE NUMBER</perch:label>
                <div class="input-group">
                <perch:input type="text" id="house" required="true" class="form-control" label="House Name or Number" />
                <perch:error for="house" type="required">Please add your building name or number</perch:error>

Any thoughts about how best to approach this so that I might just have a single file to update depending on the language?

Ben Stillwell

Ben Stillwell 1 points

  • 4 years ago
Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew 394 points
Perch Support

There are a couple of different options outlined here https://solutions.grabaperch.com/architecture/how-do-i-create-a-multilingual-site