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Video Question

I am wondering if some other Perch users have advice on embedding video on a site. I was reading some of the Perch Docs and I think it says that the Perch website hosts its own video on it's server and uses a website called encoding.com to encode the video into the correct format. But after looking at several of the videos on the site it looks like YouTube field is being used.

My question is do you think it is better to go through the whole encoding process or just use the YouTube Field. I'm trying to figure out what would be the best option for my clients and it feels like the YouTube Field is the most user friendly but I would love to hear other thoughts from other developers.

Matt Holovach

Matt Holovach 0 points

  • 3 years ago
Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

We've done a number of things, from hosting our own, to using Vimeo, Wistia and now YouTube.

I would certainly use a hosting service for simplicity. Dealing with large video files is a burden.

Thanks Drew. I appreciate it.