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Webmention Question

I was able to get the webmentions set up and working properly. I don't quite know what to do to enable manual pings

Where would I place the code


Originally I placed it directly below my my code for "advertising my webmention capabilities" in the head section of my post.php file. But I don't think that is right.

Matt Holovach

Matt Holovach 0 points

  • 3 years ago

Where do you want the form to be displayed? Perhaps after a blog post I suggest.

So the concept is to post the form on the blog post page. I currently have a form for comments but then I would put an additional form on the page after the comment form? Maybe I don't quite understand the concept of this form. I thought it would pop up to the user if they tried to link to my page and didn't have Webmentions activated.

Yes, the form would normally be on the blog post page. Comments and webmentions can work side by side. There is a view that comments aren't used much any more and that webmentions are a better way of collecting responses. That would be for you to decide.

If you have web mentions and comments, you will probably want to display them differently though.

Update: The form is for users to manually submit a response, see it in action in Drew's original post https://allinthehead.com/retro/378/implementing-webmentions

Clive thank you for your explanation and example. I didn't understand the full context.