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PDF overwrite?

Here's my issue. My client runs a sports competition website with many different events. Each event has its own dedicated page with event specific information. HOWEVER, there are a few PDFs every event shares, like a rules PDF.

I have one specific page set up for these universal files where users can upload the universal PDFs used by all the events. That way they only have to upload it once, and not have to manually go in to each event page and upload it again (otherwise they might have to upload it 20-30 times depending on how many events they have that year.)

However, if I update a PDF file on the universal documents page, it changes the file name and the event pages won't automatically update to it because the PDF file name has now changed. It still references an older, outdated PDF.

Is there a way around this? So that if I upload a modified PDF, all the event pages will automatically reference the new PDF file?

Blake Myers

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  • 2 years ago
Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

How are the event pages displaying the link? Are you using perch_content_custom() to pull the content from the universal page?

To be honest, I'm still a n00b when it comes to perch, so it is 100% possible I've overlooked a simple, built in approach.

I'm currently going old school and hard coding the link to the PDF. I was hoping the file would overwrite itself, but as I gathered from other forum posts, that's not how perch works.

From your post above, I'm assuming there's a perch way to pull the most current data from another page into a different page without opening up each event and saving again?

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

Yes, use perch_content_custom() to display your region with the page attribute to point to the page where the region lives.

okay ... I think I got what you mean.

And from what I understand is, I can't do that with perch_content() ... only perch_content_custom()