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New documentation!

If you've been in the docs in the last day you might realise it's all looking a bit different. We've been working on a somewhat epic process of rebuilding the docs. It's phase one of a larger project that will enable us to add the docs for Perch Runway when that launches but also to provide docs in offline formats.

One of the initial jobs is to overhaul to Perch Developer API docs as we're hoping to encourage more third party developers to add to Perch, and be part of the Add-ons Directory we'll be launching soon.

I have a big spreadsheet pf pages to work through and check but if you spot any deadlinks, missing pages or things that look weird reply to this thread and I'll fix them.

Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew 394 points

  • 5 years ago

Guessing it's related to you moving things around, but the Support > Forums homepage CSS isn't loading for me :(

Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew 394 points
Perch Support

We've not changed anything about these forums, so I think that must be a local issue to you.

Hey Rachel,

The perch_pages_navigation "options" table is broken partway through.

New design looks great, btw. Can't say I envy taking on that task!

Seems to be working fine now, it was only not working when I visited from my iPhone strangely, works fine on the Mac every time.

New docs are looking good and cleaner. Shame about the inconsistencies in design between the new docs, old docs and new forum though.

Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew 394 points
Perch Support

Drew fixed it this morning.

We're not going to update the old Perch 1 documentation as it will be retired when we discontinue Perch 1 support in May next year. It would be a huge job to port it all over and there are better things we could be spending our time on. It sees very little traffic at this point as it is.

We may well bring the forum into line - again, it's a matter of priorities.

There's a couple of errors in the Perch Forms Docs,

Under template tags it reads in the sidebar:






The two perch's should be input and success