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Perch Shop Step by Step

So I've downloaded Perch Shop and I've got it installed, set up my shipping, options, etc and added a product. But I'm now at the stage where I'm asking "now what?". The documentation doesn't seem to be in any sort of order so I'm not sure what I'm doing. All I have is a shop page on my website with the code

<?php perch_shop_products(); ?>

This displays a link to a product I have created, but the link is broken - as I am not using Runway, do I have to create a new page manually for each product I create?

We could really do with a step by step tutorial on how to set up Shop or even better, a video tutorial.

Mike Harrison

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  • 1 year ago
Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew 394 points
Perch Support

The shop products listing doesn't behave in a way that is fundamentally different to any other app - for example the Blog App.

https://docs.grabaperch.com/addons/shop/products/ you need to pass the slug into a product page, in the same way you would pass the slug of a blog post into your post detail page.

Right, I see, so I need to create a Product Detail page just as I would need to create Blog Detail page. Thanks.

I still think a video or a step by step article on what pages need to be created and what functions you might use for each would make things a lot easier. I am trying to work out a logical sequence as I have never built a shop before, only regular Perch sites. It would save me coming back and asking after each page I create!

Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew 394 points
Perch Support

We'll bear it in mind. However any guide is likely to be for Runway, and not Perch as the Shop was designed for use with Runway. The use cases for Perch are pretty much the same as something like the blog app, as we're expecting people using Shop for Perch to be selling a few straightforward products.

Actual that's all I'm after. I am only selling 4 products - 2 physical and 2 digital.

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I just stumbled across this post and just thought I'd chip in.

I'm pretty new to perch myself and currently building my second perch site.

I want to advance and be able to use perch to create eCommerce sites for my clients, but at the moment the biggest roadblock I see with perch is lack of tutorials.

I understand that perch is probably doing well enough that you don't see a need for more detailed tutorials such as a step-by-step series on creating a store but I think it would open the door to a lot of newbies who find these aspects of perch very daunting. I myself am not sure where to start with the documentation. I'm sure I can figure it out eventually but more advanced video tutorials would be huge weight off mine and many others shoulders.

Totally agree with Lee. I'm on my 7th Perch site and all installed without any problems...until I tried the shop plugin. A lot of time spent which would have been saved with some video tutorials.

Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew 394 points
Perch Support

It sounds like there is an opportunity there for someone to create and sell these then, it's not currently on our roadmap as they would take a huge amount of time to produce given the multitude of ways people build shops.

Helen Forrest said:

Totally agree with Lee. I'm on my 7th Perch site and all installed without any problems...until I tried the shop plugin. A lot of time spent which would have been saved with some video tutorials.

Yes, I've also built a half dozen simpler sites in Perch. I've looked at the shop addon a few times but always gave up in frustration at the lack of documentation. Just tried again recently - this time I got as far as getting the cart to work, but the checkout process has defeated me. And taking online payments is not something you want to be doing in some "half-understood" way.

I've come to the conclusion that the shop addon is best left to the experts.

The Nest demo Shop pages are a bit old now but it's what I would use as a starting point https://github.com/PerchCMS/perchdemo-nest/tree/master/public_html/perch/templates/pages/shop [this is a Runway site].

You will also need to check the templates to see how they are put together.

Thanks Clive - I had another day on it and have now managed to get through to a completed order. Just investigating the email arrangements now. Still haven't tackled Paypal yet, but at least I can do manual orders.

It's mostly my own stupidity that makes me so slow. I really should learn to check the error log when things don't seem to be happening. :-)

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