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Add a caption to perch:shop image


This is probably a stupid question - but I'm trying to work out how to add a caption to a perch shop image.

So we already have:

<perch:shop type="image" id="images"  width="600" height="338" density="2" crop="true" />

I realise you have a lot of pre-defined IDs in there, such as perch:shop id="title" etc., but is it possible to have something like this to go with it?:

<perch:shop id="captiontext" type="text" label="Image Caption" />

I've tried the above, but nothing shows up when I go to edit the product...

Thanks for any help with this!


Alex Bennett

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  • 10 months ago
Jonathan Elliman

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Hi Alex

This works fine for me when I just tried it.

Are you putting the tag inside the right template? If you are using the default templates then you would need to put it in product.html in order for it to show up on the product form.

Kind regards


Thanks Jon - I completely forget you need to put the tag into product.html as well - I had it inside a product-details.html template, and on its own that did not display it inside admin.

Regards, Alex