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Template edits SO slow

Hi, new here. I'm trying to edit blog templates. For example, in post_tag_link.html changing <h3>Tags</h3> to <h3> TEST TITLE</h3> I save the template edits and refresh in my browser. Nothing happens for an eternity, maybe 15 minutes or more. Then the changes appear. Why so slow? It's been impossible to make any progress. I am running on a localhost using MAMP Apache/MySQL and PHP 5.6. My diagnostics passed, all green. I'm not sure if this is relevant info but, my site uses Foundation 5, and I use Codekit to compile my SCSS.

Thank you very much for you help!!

Olympia Kyriakides

Olympia Kyriakides 1 points

  • 5 years ago
Ben Furfie

Ben Furfie 3 points
Registered Developer

Try going to a page the template is used on, refreshing it and then going to the backend. I've found that often helps speed up the appearance of fields.

Thanks very much for the reply Ben. I've been testing out this template editing in all sorts of orders, refreshing, saving, refreshing again, saving all, reversing that. I'm not sure it's made any difference. It's still super delayed.

When you say slow, do you mean the browser is cycling the entire time, or that the new information doesn't show up till 15 minutes later?

Sometimes, I will use another browser to check the page if I fear some sort of cache issue is going on. Have you tried this?

Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew 394 points
Perch Support

Blog tags, categories and the like are cached so we don't do an expensive process every time to build them.

If you turn on debug you will be able to see if that is the case: https://solutions.grabaperch.com/development/how-do-i-debug-problems

Thanks Robert & Rachel.

Rachel, I tried debug and it does appear that we're caching.

I dug around the forum a bit. Is the only development solution to "republish" or re-save a post after editing the template in order to view changes?

Thank you so much!

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

Put your site into development mode, then they're not cached.


We had been hopelessly confused and frustrated with the same problem. Where does this line go Drew? Does it go opn all pages?

Raicheal. You are posting on a closed thread. Normally you should open a new thread and reference another thread if your problem seems related. It gets really hard to follow a threads solution if new problems keep getting added after it's been marked as solved.

Anyways, the line Drew posted above belongs in...


Robert Ketter :)