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DHL Shipping Integration

This question is for everyone / anyone ...

So, at the last minute, despite my polite protest and frustration ... my client decided that it’s an absolute must to integrate DHL shipping into Perch ... where their api talks with the cart and gathers all the order information and takes over ... I don’t have details on the api yet so it’s only speculation as to what I / Perch can do here ...

My question is, is there anyone out there who has tried to integrate DHL/UPS/FedEx shipping apis into Perch? How hard was it and what challenges did you face?

Thanks ya’ll!

Blake Myers

Blake Myers 0 points

  • 2 years ago

Fun, fun, fun...

I am sure it can be done, though without the api requirements it’s hard to say.

I just received the Developer's guide ... it wants to use the SOAP protocol to send an XML of all the shipping data and then send back an XML response which includes the tracking number and printing label ...

I've never sent XML via SOAP before, I'm sure I'll figure that out (let's be honest, I'm 50% sure), I just don't know what the heck I'm going to do with the response or if I just IGNORE it and the problem is solved (you know, like all problems in life)

I'm not expecting an answer from anyone on details, no need to do the work I can learn myself. Just curious if anyone had done it (no need to reinvent the wheel) and if they had any pointers.

Well, as for my 2 cents... I gotta be honest I struggle with the whole RESTful, SOAP And XML thing. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it, mostly because I don’t have someone to directly bounce questions off, therefore I’ve not been able to get a handle on it.

Good luck and hopefully someone comes along and we both learn something.