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Members app customer after care portal - can it be done

Hi, I need to build a B2B client after care portal, that allows customers to login and see invoices or other documents related to only their account.

I know that you can restrict member access to pages via tags(I’ve not used it before) what I am looking at is a unique tag per customer, each customer has their own page. The owner of the site should be able to setup the client accounts and pages etc.

I will play around with the members app when I get a chance, but it would be good to just gauge if this seems relatively achievable. I have found a WP solution, but I’d rather not!!

Here is a mock-up of what the site will be, it is literally a login, landing page with a list of PDFs that customers can download, and also a contact form.

Thanks in advance!

Mike Hamblin

Mike Hamblin 0 points

  • 2 months ago

Boom! I've just installed the members app and it does exactly what I need.

How to install for Android