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Perch Shop PayPal - breakdown the items on the PayPal email and per item shippin...

Hello. My first experiences of using Perch Shop have been really positive. Very impressive.

Couple of quick questions: - Is it possible for the email that comes from PayPal to list the items purchased, rather than just the total and the invoice number? I know the item breakdown comes from Perch on a separate email, but my client would find it helpful to have it all in the one email. - Is there a way to charge a shipping amount per item (as opposed to per order). I can see the options to do it by weight, and so I can probably fudge it by setting each CD to have a weight of "1" and then charging per weight unit, but I just wondered if there's a neater solution?


Paul Bell

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  • 8 months ago
Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

Perch handles the cart itself rather than using the PayPal cart, so all that gets passed through to PayPal is the final total. This brings it inline with every other payment gateway that just takes a value and doesn't care about the item breakdown.

For shipping, how about adding a "with shipping" product variant?

Re the cart, I thought that was the case. Would be neat, but not crucial. Know there are better payment gateways too which we may explore.

Re shipping, that MIGHT work, but it wouldn't then take account of different values for different areas (eg shipping to EU/US having a different cost).

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

Normally shipping works on weight in those circumstances - the postal service tends not to care how many items are within a parcel, just the size and weight of it.

Re the items not being passed - I can work with this I think (subject to the question about invoices in a previous thread).

Re per item shipping, I've been able to fudge this as each item a CD, so I chose the unit of weight to be "a CD". Thus I was able to create a shipping method which ships one CD, a cost for shipping two CDs, a cost for shipping 3 CDs, and a cost for shipping 4 or more (I could have gone further but I think this will do). Then I gave each CD item a weight of "1" and set the weight thresholds for the shipping methods accordingly. I think this will do what the client is after...