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3 issues with Perch forms

Hello everyone, but especially Drew, who has been assisting with this issue.

See this forum thread - It looks like that thread's been closed (I didn't close it), hence this new thread. But it's a continuation of that other one.

This is where we're up to: I have 3 problems with Perch forms. 1. Duplicate links on the form listings page. Is there any way to resolve this? 2. Can't view messages properly - clicking any message leads to a weird spammy message, always exactly the same content. 3. Checking that Akismet is working - however, along the way, I see in the diagnostics report that it is working, so let's regard this issue as solved.

And to add something new .... 4. I see duplicate links elsewhere within Perch as well. E.g., I have 3 blog tabs, each of which leads to the same blog (I only have one blog on my site). And, I have 2 categories tabs, each called 'Post', which are duplicates.

Drew - or anyone else! - I hope that you can provide further advice on how to fix issues #1, #2, #4. Thanks.

Mark Day

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  • 2 months ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Is this happening on both your development and production servers?