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Events description limiting

Just a quick +1 to this thread: http://forum.grabaperch.com/forum/01-29-2015-events-description

My client doesn't need the description for an events listing. It being non-required would probably be enough, but being able to move it ideal. I've commented out line 34 of /perch_events/modes/edit.post.php and added a hidden field as Paul Bell suggested.

Cheers :)

Martin Underhill

Martin Underhill 5 points

  • 4 years ago
Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew 394 points
Perch Support

Please remember that we can't support any apps that are no longer our code, so if you find you are having problems you will need to install our version of the addon to see if you can reproduce it.

This is as much a note for anyone else doing this as it is for you. Not trying to tell you off, but it helps no-one if we burn up a lot of development time in longwinded threads trying to figure out some weird bug to find it is because someone has modified an app :D

Hi Rachel. Yeah modifying the official apps makes me edgy… Especially as I'm not a php dev. It's just in this instance the description textarea would confuse my client so I had to get rid of it somehow. Hacky :P Hope you're able to make it optional in an up-coming revision of the Events app. Also, 'save and add another' would be cool. I understand how much there is to look after though – the new version of Blog is awesome and came right out of left field, and I can't wait for the shop :)