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Multiple file uploads on a form


I am looking at allowing the user to upload multiple items to a form before submission.

There have been a couple of posts looking at using something like:

<perch:input type="file" id="uploadcv" name="uploadcv" class="form-control" label="Current CV/LPI Capability Map" multiple="multiple" />

which does not work.

As such, currently, I am just placing multiple:

<perch:input type="file" ........

items within the form.

I was just wondering, and as I am typing this, I think I can probably do this with jquery (or something similar), but is there a way in which I could use something that is "natively" perch to act like a "repeating region" but for the client side, not admin.

That is, the user adds a file and then gets the option to add another etc etc.

Again, I think I have answered my own question here and will now look into the javascript/jquery option, but I would hate to miss a simple "perch" trick.



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Perch Support

There's currently no support for the multiple attribute.