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Listing & Detail Sitemap


I've been looking through the documentation for the listing/detail set up for a portfolio site.

I have 2 questions:

1) The detail pages are very detailed, and we could do with these being individual pages in their own right, is there an alternative way to generate a summary list of all the child pages within the 'showcase' and return and image, and title from each page to use in the listing?

2) The listing/detail setup (http://solutions.grabaperch.com/architecture/how-do-i-create-list-detail-pages) doesn't create separate pages to render to the sitemap. Is there any way of getting this info to sitemap?

I think solving q1 would solve q2, I just need to find another way of generating the list.

Many thanks,

  • James
James Peel

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  • 6 years ago
Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

1) Yes, you could create them as pages, and then use perch_content_custom() to do the listing

2) How are you creating your sitemap?

Many Thanks Drew.

1) I was looking at that but the issue with separate pages was the URL structure. Although the sub pages are under 'Showcase' master page, the page URL exists at the root of the site and not as 'showcase/project1'.

2) I followed this: http://solutions.grabaperch.com/html-and-css/how-do-i-create-a-google-sitemap

I've just realised that moving a page created in the root doesn't update the URL structure to it's new location. So I think I've answered my own question regarding 1)

I'll delete all those pages and start them again, unless there's a way to automagically update the URLs for a moved item. I'd accidentally created some of them outside of the parent page and moved them in, which has thrown a curve ball.

Is there anyway to add detail / list pages to a sitemap? As the detail is an item then I can't seem to add these to the sitemap.

Will the need to be individual pages or is there a way to add them to the sitemap?



Ben Furfie

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Hi Ste,

It's probably best not posting in old threads.

Post it as a new question and I'll provide the answer in that thread.

Thanks Ben. It was very similar to this but will post a new thread.