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Thread tagged as: Question, CKEditor

What is the best way to create forced line breaks in a template?

For example, I have a field with address info that might be as little as three lines or as many as five. I want to use 'textarea' instead of multiple 'text' fields to avoid getting blank spaces where fewer lines are needed. But this requires manual line breaks. I can't seem to understand how this is done in Markdown.

Also, when using 'textarea', I am not getting a editor toolbar in my template. What am I not doing?

Lastly, If I decide to install CKEditor (I have downloaded it), what files need to be installed and where?

Thank you.

kyle cadotte

kyle cadotte 0 points

  • 3 years ago

Hi Kyle

In Markdown text area you can do a line break by doing a return, then adding two spaces at the end of the line before the return.

I'm not sure about the missing toolbar, posting your diagnostics and template code can help us.

For CKEditor, add the files to Perch>Addons>Plugin>Editors page link Then in your template change the editor bit to editor="ckeditor"


Hi Wayne ~

I had neglected to add <editor="simplemde> to the textarea markup. That solved the missing toolbar bit.

My question for instaling CKEditor is not where to place the files in Perch but which files to place. After unpacking the download the file heirachy is as follows:

addons plugins editors ckeditor _config.json ckeditor-4 adapters build-config.js CHANGES.md ckeditor.js config.js contents.css lang LICENSE.md plugins README.md samples skins styles.js perch config.js env.js uploader.php

Should I put all of that in the Editors folder or which part of this?

(Apologies, the forum does not preserve the heirarchy formatting as I typed it. )

Hi Kyle

I’m not at my computer at the mo, so I’m not 100%, but when you unpack the zip you should get a folder called the editor/addon which all the files inside, then copy/upload the whole folder. This is normally the case with any Perch Addons and editors.

Hussein Al Hammad

Hussein Al Hammad 105 points
Registered Developer

My question for instaling CKEditor is not where to place the files in Perch but which files to place

The hierarchy of the download tells you where to put the ckeditor folder. After unzipping the download you should copy the ckeditor folder placed in /addons/plugins/editors

And place it in your website in the corresponding location /perch/addons/plugins/editors