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How do I give a content editor the ability to make text links without invoking o...

I have really fallen out of love with the concept of providing any of the text editors for my clients to use or abuse. It just opens up a whole can of uncontrolled worms.

Blocks and repeaters do most of the work but for some reason I keep drawing a blank when it comes to providing a method of including text based links that don't rely on using one of the text editors.

Anybody figured a way of achieving this please?

William File

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  • 1 week ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

What do you mean by text based links? If you're using Markdown, you'd use the link syntax like:

[this is a link](
Clive Walker

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If linking to other pages in your site, you could use the Pagelist field type

Simon Clay

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I suspect you’re referring to text links within a praragraph William, is that right?

I don’t know of any way around that, other than using Redactor which is the best of the editors in my opinion.