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Thread tagged as: Suggestions

Assets with transparent backgrounds

I’ve just uploaded some assets to a site that are white on a transparent background which means when they show up in content (and the assets panel) it just shows a white box.

Is there anything that could be done to make them show up better in Perch? Maybe by adding a checkerboard pattern behind (not sure how easy or even possible that would be to do).

Nick Bramwell

Nick Bramwell 5 points

  • 5 years ago

I had the same problem a few weeks back.

It's not recommended messing with the core CSS (!) but if you need a quick fix this'll do it.

perch/core/assets/css/assets.css on line 31 I added:

 .grid-asset .thumb {
opacity: 0.9;
background: #999; /*Edit*/

If you look at the perch documentation you'll see there's a way to edit the user interface CSS without modifying any core files. I am away from my desk right now otherwise I would copy and paste that information here for you. When you modify the core files you take a serious risk of losing those modifications next time you update perch.