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User contributed content: Perch forms to content

An important interaction we use on many sites is the following:

  • A public (or member-area protected) form allows users to enter content (e.g. a job offering)
  • The entered content is stored and hidden
  • An email is sent to the site's editor, informing her/him on the new contribution
  • In the backend, the editor reviews the content and if ok publishes it

Is it possible to do this with perch runway and forms already? If not, what would be needed for that - and would it be hard to build an app that transforms form submission data into (unpublished) perch content?

Urs Bräm

Urs Bräm 1 points

  • 6 years ago

Both perch and runway could handle this for you. I currently have a couple of websites using a very similar set up. I actually wrote an app which wasn't too much work to store information in a secure location. My app uses a combination of forms and members but not using those apps exclusively.

So the short answer is yes he does and it's not that difficult. I am currently in the Caribbean and won't be home for about a week if you need some assistance.

Hi Robert, nice! I'm curious if the data is saved in json chunks like regular perch content - or in a separate database / table. Cheers and enjoy the holiday

I believe I am using separate table. I store exactly as perch forms does. I store static form fields then json the dynamic fields from the templates. This makes it very flexible for adding more fields or using additional templates to display contents. I try to keep same structure as forms to make future changes easier to fix.

And editors can access the content and modify it?

Yes. Editing is done the same as perch content. Perch is such a flexible CMS. All of the core apps in perch are just apps like the 3rd party apps with a few more magic tricks. Building an app using perch api integrates seamlessly into perch and provides all the functions as a native app if needed. It's truly a magical experience to work in perch.

Awesome, Robert! Thanks

Let's get in touch when you're back...

I actually have a client, where a parent uses members to sign-up and a 'user' is created. Then the new user is redirected to perch admin where they login using the new account and complete all the forms to enroll a child in the private school and print all of the forms and download pdf's of the now automatically completed forms. It totally turns perch inside out and makes each parent a 'user' but it's totally secure because I have checks and balances which prevent any cross over into other users data. It's brilliant. I am working on v2.0 of that app now. I can give you access if you send me an email. You can find my email address on perch registered developers page.