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Converting small Perch site into a Runway site


I have a small in-dev Perch site with around 30 pages of content.

I have followed the instructions here - - to convert the CMS into Runway, and that seems to have worked okay... The Admin end of things seems happy.

But the site's front-end is refusing to display anything, which it seems, is possibly to be expected. So I'm TRYING to follow the second stage of the above guide, where PHP page files are moved into the templates folder and you do something "masterpage" wise and then amend the actual page's Admin info, so that it knows the PHP file's updated location.

But, to be honest, that's the part I'm struggling with.

Regards, m.

Martin Lowe

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  • 2 years ago

I think it's specifically this bit of their Example:

"I now log into Perch and set up my Master Page under Master Pages." - what exactly does one do to "set it up"?

Might there be a Perch YouTube tutorial video on the conversion process?


Hello again,

Okay, I am now getting somewhere - I think.

If I have an utterly bespoke page, where it's PHP file is in a subfolder (like the About Us) example, I can now see how I amend the PageTree reference to use (as a Master Page) the copy I've moved into "Templates". That seems to be working okay.

But separate to that, I have a set of around 15 pages that are already running off of a pre-existing Perch Master Page. So, in those instances, do I amend the Page Tree page(s) to use a Master Page which is the page I've just moved into Templates? Or do I leave them already pre-set to be finding that pre-existing Perch Master Page?


Upgrading a Perch site to Runway is a relatively straightforward process. Depending on the complexity of your Perch site, and how much of a conversion you want to do on existing content in may take a few steps.

We would not suggest that this is something you do on a live site. Instead make a copy of your site locally with a dump of your database. Then you can make sure that everything is working well before you deploy it live, and if something strange does happen you can just start over and ask for our help.

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