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Repointing Perch to a new / duplicate database

Hello, I have a small Perch website that I'm intending to convert into a Runway site... I wish to duplicate the existing Perch site into a separate, secondary subdomain, so that I have the Perch site still in existance while trying to get its duplicate converted into a Runway equivalent.

Thus I'd be creating a BRAND NEW database in the new subdomain, with brand new credentials. I'd then import an export of the existing Perch database into that BRAND NEW database... But I'm unsure if I'd need to manually repoint the duplicate Perch site to that BRAND NEW database, or whether it'd find it automatically?

Regards, m.

Martin Lowe

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  • 2 years ago

Oh! It looks like it's simply held in the config file within Perch.

So I'm assuming that I can just amend that and it'll use the new credentials of the new database (once I've imported the backup of the original database into that new one)


Sorted... yup, just amended that Config file.