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Is it possible to have a select in admin which lets editors pick one of their si...


I would like to let my end users/editors select one of their site pages when editing a region.

For example: on the home page of the site there is space to highlight three featured pages. I would like them to be able to have:

  • Text field for heading
  • Textarea field for quick intro text
  • Some way of letting them select which page this relates to so I can output a 'Read more' link (I guess this could be a select box).

The first two fields are obviously ok, but I'm a bit stumped by the third. I've looked at dataselect content type, but that seems to just be for the regions on other pages.

Am I going to need to create a custom field type for this, or does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks, Paul.


Hmmm. Just seen relationships in runway: That looks to be what I want. If no one has any experience of doing this in standard Perch then I guess an upgrade might be in my future.

(Side question: what am I supposed to call Perch now? Standard seems a bit disrespectful!)

Paul Stone

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  • 6 years ago
Simon Clay

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Hi Paul,

You could use the 'Pagelist' fieldtype to select and link to the desired page:

I think Perch is Perch and Runway is Runway. :)

Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Yes, I think pagelist should do it.

Yep, perfect. I looked everywhere expect the first-party add-ons. Consider my wrists slapped! Thanks for pointing is out, Simon.

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

Of course, upgrading to Perch Runway is still an awesome idea!

Yes, still might do that but haven't given Runway a go yet in anger, so I wanted to try it with a brand-new project first. It's permanently on my "when I have a free moment" list (along with so many other things ;) )