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Looking for links for the next Perchology newsletter

I'm collecting a few links for the next Perchology newsletter If you have seen any Perch-related articles, sites, code examples etc. recently .... let me know. Thank you.

And.... of course, please sign up if you would like to get the newsletter every couple of weeks :-)

Clive Walker

Clive Walker 22 points

  • 4 years ago

Hi Clive

I'm not sure if you've covered this before but Multiple Server Config Files was something extremely useful for me. It allows you to have one config file that dynamically changes the database details for your local, staging and live servers.

The use of a switch was new to me and allowed me to apply similar code to other situations where having context sensitive code for the local, staging and live servers was very handy. For example, switching between live and test API keys, only tracking analytics on a live site or having separate Disqus comments for the staging and live sites.

Thanks for that suggestion. It's very useful, I agree. I'll add a link to that page in the docs in the newsletter.