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Paypal Shop Quantity Issue

This is more of a potential issue than a known issue, but I just wanted to check what SHOULD happen.

In the paypal shop app, say theres a product with quantity 10 - once the quantity gets to 0, it disappears from the listings (which is good).

However, if the product has quantity 10, and I decide to buy 11 of that item, the page seems to let me go through to make a paypal payment.

I haven't tested whether or not the payment goes through or not yet (as I haven't got a sandbox paypal setup) but I wondered what the callback does? Does it check for a negative quantity and there stop the payment?

If so, that's fine - I'll just add in some custom code to stop users even being able to order above the available quantity (as the customer has no real way of knowing that they have tried to over order until they have gone through the whole process, only to be denied at the last step).

Thanks for any help.

Matthew Lymer

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  • 5 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

As the cart is handled by PayPal and not us, it's all a bit unsophisticated. This is why this app is being replaced with the new Shop - at that point this app will be deprecated.


That makes sense, as I did a test last night and saw that going over quantity is allowed - but it end up in a negative quantity.

Yeah, that makes sense! Since the shop is still in testing, I think I'll continue to use the paypal shop for now - it may just need to significantly edit it.