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3 quick questions about "Listing Members"

Hi Drew,

  1. Is it possible to hide "Joined" and "Status" from the member listing?
  2. Is it possible to display the order of columns differently from the order that they appear on the editing page? (I would like to show certain info in a specific order on the listing page that is grouped in a specific way/diferent order on the editing page.)
  3. Email address in the registration form is being captured and displayed in the listing but doesn't appear in the field on the editing page?

Regards - Nick

Nick Loat

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  • 4 years ago
Drew McLellan

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  1. No.
  2. No.
  3. "In the field"? What are you seeing?

Re: 3.

In the field that I've added (and grouped with the other info relating to the personal details of the customer - for ease of editing) nothing. However the field does appear further down the page (along with joined date drop downs and status conttrols.)

Re: 1 and 2 are these features that could be possibly added at a later date?

Drew McLellan

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Could you perhaps show us your template?

I've worked around it having assumed that it hard wired as it appear on the editing page even when its not in the members.html file.

However I am having difficulty mapping radio buttons in the frontend form to radio buttons in members.html (I'm not sure how I get the ids to match?)

Here's the members.html template. The "extreme" order numbers are a wrok-a-rounnd to get elements to positions themsleves around the "hard-wired" elements in the members listing and to give me space within the order to add extra elements without having to reorder the whole lot.

<perch:members type="text" id="first_name" label="First name" listing="true" order="1"/>
<perch:members type="text" id="last_name" label="Last name" listing="true" order="2" />
<perch:members type="text" id="company_name" label="Company name" listing="true" order="3"/>

<perch:members type="text" id="inv_addr_1st_line" label="Invoice address" listing="false" order="22" divider-before="Invoice address"/>
<perch:members type="text" id="inv_addr_2nd_line"  listing="false" order="23"/>
<perch:members type="text" id="inv_addr_city" label="Town/City" listing="false" order="24" />
<perch:members type="text" id="inv_addr_county" label="County/State" listing="false" order="25" />
<perch:members type="text" id="inv_addr_postcode" label="Postcode/Zip" listing="false" order="26" />
<perch:members type="text" id="inv_addr_country" label="Country" listing="false" order="27" />

<perch:members type="text" id="website" label="Website" listing="false" order="28" help="Include http// or https//" divider-before="Additional company information"/>
<perch:members type="textarea" id="description" label="Nature of business" listing="false" order="29"/>
<perch:members type="radio" id="status1" label="Status" name="Type" options="Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company, Plc" order="30" />

<perch:members type="text" id="years" label="Years trading" listing="false" order="31"/>
<perch:members type="text" id="vat_reg_num" label="VAT Number" listing="false" order="32"/>
<perch:members type="select" id="turnover" label="Annual Turnover" options="Less than £49&#44;999 per year,£50&#44;000 - £99&#44;999 per year,£100&#44;000 - £249&#44;999 per year, £250&#44;000 - £499&#44;999 per year,£500&#44;000 - £999&#44;999 per year, £1&#44;000&#44;000 or more per year" listing="false" order="33"/>

<perch:members type="text" id="partner1" label="Name" listing="false" order="41" divider-before="Partner/Directors"/>
<perch:members type="text" id="partner2" label="Name"listing="false" order="42"/>
<perch:members type="text" id="partner3" label="Name"listing="false" order="43"/>
<perch:members type="text" id="partner4" label="Name"listing="false" order="44"/>

<perch:members type="text" id="contact_number" label="Contact number" listing="true" order="90" divider-before="Primary contact information"/>
<perch:members type="select" id="discount" label="Trade discount" options="0, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%" listing="true" order="99" />
<perch:members type="textarea" id="notes" label="Notes" listing="true" order="999" divider-before="Additional information"/>

<perch:members type="text" id="company_name1" label="Company name" listing="false" order="5001" divider-before="Trade reference 1"/>
<perch:members type="text" id="acc_num1" label="Account number" listing="false" order="5002"/>
<perch:members type="text" id="company_name1" label="Contact name" listing="false" order="5003"/>
<perch:members type="text" id="contact_email1" label="Contact email" listing="false" order="5004"/>
<perch:members type="text" id="contact_num1" label="Contact number" listing="false" order="5005" help="Landline or mobile"/>

<perch:members type="text" id="company_name2" label="Company name" listing="false" order="5101" divider-before="Trade reference 2"/>
<perch:members type="text" id="acc_num2" label="Account number" listing="false" order="5102"/>
<perch:members type="text" id="company_name2" label="Contact name" listing="false" order="5103"/>
<perch:members type="text" id="contact_email2" label="Contact email" listing="false" order="5104"/>
<perch:members type="text" id="contact_num2" label="Contact number" listing="false" order="5105" help="Landline or mobile"/>

So this line…

<perch:members type="radio" id="status1" label="Status" name="Type" options="Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company, Plc" order="30" />

Generates 4 radio buttons with the id's

perch_status10 perch_status11 perch_status12 perch_status13

But when I try to get the front-end form to use the same ids in the form template. the ids come out as...

form1_perch_status101 form1_perch_status102 form1_perch_status103 form1_perch_status104

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

Do the IDs used by the form matter at all?

No, not really. I assumed that was how the backend editing form was picking up the data from the frontend submitted form.