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rich snippets schema structured data

Hi has anyone had experience with structured data / schema mark up in Perch? in particular giving end users ability to edit? Just asking as I have a client making noises and wonder if anyone has useful war stories to share! Thanks for any feedback.

Charlie Elsey

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  • 4 years ago
Drew McLellan

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What sort of output are you trying to create?

Hi Charlie,

I have done quite a bit with it - implementing it in Perch is straightforward but can be a pain wading through the documentation to find the right data!

Thanks Drew, Mike. Client looking to improve their search engine rankings, which I am sure it will, but I am fearful of the pain involved as Mike describes and also making it simple (i.e. idiot proof) from end user point of view. As I understand it we can only tag certain pieces of data in the correct format/schema so I can see pain also in deciding what goes where, as this will in essence be a retrofit job.

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
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I'm not sure what the question is there. How can we help?

Drew, more of a discussion than a question! Just wanted to hear of any experience with allowing users to edit e.g. JSON LD as it needs to be done 'right' ... I can format the code OK, just wondering about real world experience in letting users fill in the gaps.

Thanks anyway

I would always start with how you want the markup to look in the end, then work backwards.

Most of mine is actually automatically generated as it is to do with product listings, so the client doesn't need to do anything. Only a few elements are appropriate for them to have control over, you may find the same is true for you too.

Thanks Mike. Client is really targeting Google and as Google prefers JSON-LD I guess I can configure most elements to autofill from content the client already supplies. Thanks again.