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perch_shop protected:field question...

I'm trying to this in my cart template:

<perch:if id="manual_checkout_promotion">

Do this...


where manual_checkout_promotion is a field I created in my promotion.html template. It doesn't seem I have access in the cart to check against it.

So I tried to call the cart this way so see if it was there:

$testcart = perch_shop_cart([ 'raw' =>true, 'skip-template' => true, 'return-html' => true ],0); print_r($testcart);

and all the fields for promotions (except the the title of the discount_code) have :protected as part of their name. I see the field I'm trying to check in this section of the array:

[details:protected] => Array ( [promoID] => 5 [promoTitle] => Offline Credit Card [promoDynamicFields] => {"title":"Offline Credit Card","description":{"_flang":"markdown","raw":"Manually Entered Credit Card Purchase","processed":" Manually Entered Credit Card Purchase<\/p>"},"from":"2017-05-20 07:45:00","to":"2028-05-20 07:45:00","active":"1","manual_checkout_promotion":"manual","action":"discount_by_percent","discount_code":"OFFLINECC","amount_percent":"0","amount":{"142":"","_default":""},"trigger_value":{"142":"","_default":""},"max_discount":{"142":"","_default":""},"max_uses":null,"customer_uses":null,"terminating":"0","persistent":"0","priority":null,"apply_to_shipping":"0","shipping_methods":null,"categories":null} [promoFrom] => 2017-05-20 07:45:00 [promoTo] => 2028-05-20 07:45:00 [promoActive] => 1 [promoOrder] => 1 [promoCreated] => 2017-07-04 11:46:24 [promoUpdated] => 2018-09-18 09:43:52 [promoDeleted] => )

Is there a way I can check the value of that field?

Monty Lewis

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  • 2 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

No, that's not available in the cart template. You'd need to handle it outside of the template and pass the results in as data.

Shoot. I don’t know what that means.