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Perch Runway Ugrade


I am getting the following message 'Perch Runway requires a Runway license key.' while trying to upgrade a perch 3 licence to runway. I had already changed the license key.

Would anything else be causing this issue.


Neil Irwin

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  • 2 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

The only thing that would cause that would be running a Runway codebase with a Perch license key. The license key should start with R2 or R3.

trying to upgrade a perch 3 licence to runway

Just to check, you mean you're trying to upgrade a site not a license, correct?

Hi Drew

Yeah i have upgrade a standard perch licence to perch runway and updated the core files and added the updated license key to the R3 but it doesnt seem to be recognising the update



Figured it out i had somehow deleted the 'perch license key' from the config file text which was throwing back the error but i was able to hit the page which gave me the license error. define('PERCH_LICENSE_KEY', 'R3xxxx-xxxxx-etc');