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content.regions.empty and content.regions.template privileges not assignable


I have for various reasons been required to create a Developer role, which has almost all privileges apart from one privilege created by a custom app. I still want users assigned to this role to be able to change templates, change region keys and empty regions of all content. These are the 3 actions at the bottom of Region Options, and correspond to the content.regions.empty and content.regions.template. In our database, there is no row for these in PERCH_DB_PREFIX_user_privileges, which means I cannot assign these privileges to the Developer role, and therefore they are possessed only by Admin roles (by default).

Is it intentional that these privileges aren't in the database, and so can only be possessed by Admins, or are they missing because of a problem when updating? Will anything unexpected happen, either now or in the future, if I add the relevant rows to PERCH_DB_PREFIX_user_privileges?

Cheers, Mark

Mark Fisher

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  • 2 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

You can add them if they're not there. Better to do it through the API than in the database, however.

O.K, great. Thanks!