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updating from 2.6.3 site error Fatal error: Call to undefined method Perch::on()...

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Perch::on() in /home/totallya/public_html/tah_update/core/lib/api/PerchAPI.class.php on line 62

What did I do wrong to cause this error. Need 2.6.3 site updated right away.

Carol Swinehart

Carol Swinehart 0 points

  • 2 years ago

Can't you just roll back to the version you just backed up before upgrading?

Yes, but updating server to php7 and will have to upgrade no choice.

Ok so you're working locally, running PHP 5.x and experiencing this problem?

No not locally

As it’s so many years out of date I’d recommend you do incremental updates in small version jumps. This is going to be quicker, easier and safer doing it locally.

where do you find all those back versions?

Not sure they’re publicly available. Maybe email Perch directly if you don’t have old copies.