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My Tech Tailor new website

We've launched our redesigned website for My Tech Tailor,, built with Perch! All of the websites in our portfolio at are built with Perch as well.

Our clients are in love with the CMS. I'm told "I can't believe how easy this is" on a regular basis. Thanks Drew & Rachel!

Shane Lenzen

Shane Lenzen 18 points

  • 5 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Looks good Shane!

That's a lovely site Shane. Very stylish.

Thanks Drew and John!

Simon Clay

Simon Clay 127 points

Really nice work.

Nice work!

Nice. I like the way the contact form is handled. I had to submit it to see what happens.

I've briefly played with the idea of opening a contact form on the same page (in a modal window), but ran into issues with validation and submissions.

Beautiful website.

Thanks everyone. The compliments really mean a lot coming from other web devs.

Stephen, I handle the validation with JS and submit the form with AJAX. In the form I have:

    return 'SUCCESS';
<perch:error for="all" type="general">
    return 'CMS Submission Failure';

Then in my JS I listen for the return:

.done(function(data) {
  if(data.indexOf("SUCCESS") > -1) {
    // form was submitted successfully
  } else {
    // there was an error submitting to the Forms app
}).fail(function() {
    // there was an error with the AJAX POST

You could also create a return for every type of Forms app error and then use Forms for the validation, but I already have a JS validation script that I like, so I just used that.